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Pilsudski's family

When I was little child my grandfather was telling me many strange Jewish stories. He was old man nearing end of his days, so he wanted to transfer as much knowledge he had to his grandson.

One of this story was a family legend of he begin illegitimate child of Bronsilaw Pilsudski born on Pilsudski's exile to cold Siberia. For long time I was thinking that it is just a fairytale of some old Jew but there is something that changed my mind later.

Many years after death of my grandfather I was browsing polish Wikipedia and found something that shocked me. It was old Russian Wanted Letter for Józef Piłsudski, furtherer Marshal of Poland and younger brother of Bronisław. On bottom of it I had found annotation.

It was one of Pilsduski characteristic, according to Wanted Letter he had a mole on the edge of his right ear. The problem is that I have similar genetic mark on end of my ear. Are we then related?

It is hard to answer questions, as whole of Pilsudski 12th brothers and sisters has died or begin slain by the Soviets. And while it is complicated, the matter is still intriguing me and my friends so I had decided to write a letter to Polish President Andrzej Duda asking for his help in solving this family's mystery. We will see if he will take care of this.

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