wtorek, 29 marca 2016

Family Easter

It was wonderful Easter for me. I spent it with the family in a good atmosphere. We talked a lot about my grandfathers and father and I get wonderful news from the Presidential Palace.

But before of Ester it was time full of work. I made two new modules for my Jaaz Portal project. The login on through Facebook and user management is ready. The next week shall bring more components but I must admit that this holidays has me a bit lazy.

I was also liberated, as my punishment has finished. On Great Friday they has come out to take off the electronic bracelet from me. I am no longer on the electronic supervision and can move freely but I must say it did not changed my life too much. Without money its still difficult and most of time I spend behind computer.

There is also wonderful news from my girlfriend in Presidential Palace. They has find out that I am father. No, she is not mother. It was a one night adventure and while not aware of it I made a heir.

The problem is that they does not want me to have a contact with the son and I do not know even his name. I know only that he is 13thn years old and lives somewhere in Poland.

I am not giving up however and will do everything to find him out. I asked some friends of help in this and I am very optimistic. In my family it is rare when the son knows the father so I am doubly motivated to look for him although I think it will take a years before we will meet.

poniedziałek, 21 marca 2016

God's Hand

Past week I had spent playing with my other blog. I had made an about us section fully explaining who we are and what we want to achieve.

It is highly controversial, not so mystical, work but very truthful. About everything my grandfather teach me on Jewish Kabbalah. This continuation of Adam Mickiewicz de Poraj works is granting momentum in past week more that 80 people has joined and now after little bit more that month since I came out of prison we have almost 200 followers.

Beside this I had spent a lot of time working on my commercial project. Now we have beginning of administrator console to manage our sites now I am working on Facebook integration so users will login on our sites using their Facebook accounts.

My friend in Warsaw is working on promotional video. As soon as we will have it we will seriously look for investor but even without it the project shall be launched in next three months.

wtorek, 1 marca 2016

Mein Sztetełe Bełz

It's rare when I listen to old Jewish music but yesterday I had played Mein Sztetełe Bełz. Through my check had gone tears.

Its hard to explain this feeling to gentile because how I can miss something that I never had. There is no play of harmony I my sztetele Bełz. It's completely different form my grandfather one.

When he was growing up, it was full of Jewish hullabaloo. Full of Jews, little and big. When I or my father was growing there was only emptiness.

How to explain it to normal person. Something I never had but I am missing so much. I understand that this civilization will never return. That we lost it forever. Mein Sztetełe Bełz.